One of the greatest obstacles for software vendors considering a professional licensing solutions is the migration from existing/legacy solutions. The introduction overhead of a new system might affect not only the software vendor himself, but also (and more importantly) the existing customer base.

The biggest concern in most cases is having to provide new license keys to existing customers. Ideally, the transition should be as smooth as possible, so that existing installations can continue to function seamlessly, without any manual intervention.

SLASCONE has several features facilitating the transition from legacy systems:

    • API for importing existing licenses: Existing licenses are typically identified by a unique license code or a customer number or a device id (hardware license). All 3 fields are available in SLASCONE when importing or creating new licenses.
    • API for initial activation: Initial license activation license is not only possible using  SLASCONE license keys (recommended way for projects with no legacy licenses), but also using legacy license codes or customer numbers or device ids.


SLASCONE thus provides a native foundation for transitioning from legacy systems.