Software Usage Analytics Session

Our CEO Ilias is going to share his insights about Software Usage Analytics at the annual OOP conference in Munich #OOPmuc.

Despite the wide spread adoption of BI and analytics in almost every department of organizations, software products are still being mainly driven by various interests and gut feelings of its several stakeholders rather by real data.
This session argues that the collection of software usage data has to be rooted in the software engineering department, creating a software product that is proactively designed to generate analytical data, instead of being treated as a reactive, sales driven BI project. We present a case study to support our thesis.

In case you still want to register, you can use this link in order to get a 20% discount. Just type ‘Ilias Michalarias’ in the OOP advantage code field to get the discount.

Successful Day at Microsoft’s AzureStack Hackathon 2018

SLASCONE is proud to be the very first online licensing solution running on Microsoft Azure Stack. After a challenging day at Microsoft’s AzureStack Hackathon in Munich, guided by Microsoft Cloud Solution Architects and our development partner white duck, we made it! Thank you!

Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud computing software solution developed by Microsoft based on the company’s Azure cloud platform. Azure Stack is designed to help organizations deliver Azure services from their own data center.


This means that SLASCONE customers now have the following deployment options:

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
    • Using their own Azure subscription (suitable for customers with existing Azure resources, or EA agreements)
    • Through an Azure subscription¬† by SLASCONE GmbH (suitable for customers without Azure resources)
  • Microsoft Azure Stack (Private Cloud)
    • Suitable for private or hybrid cloud requirements