Find out what it’s like to work with us. From discovery, to evaluation and to production.

  • 0 evaluation – presales cost

  • 100% TCO transparency – no hidden cost

  • Self-explanatory: both for developers and end users

  • Thoroughly documented


Being fully aware of the importance, ramifications and total cost of selecting and deploying a licensing solution, and drawing from previous experience, we have developed a template approach to guide you through your licensing journey. We aim and hope to:

  • minimize the amount of your time and resources required for a thorough evaluation
  • provide you with all necessary information in order to calculate your total cost
  • demonstrate our competence, agility and reliability

Evaluating an enterprise licensing and analytics solution has never been easier.

1. Discover session – Product demo (1 hour)

Your journey with us starts by scheduling an 1-hour discovery session / product demo.
During this initial session we typically:

  • Capture your current licensing situation and requirements (20 – 30 minutes)
  • Present our company, background and values (10 minutes)

  • Demonstrate you SLASCONE live (20 – 30 minutes)


If the discovery call proved promising, you are encouraged to take the next step, which is paramount to your licensing journey. During such a session we typically do all or some of the following (depending on your requirements):

  • Set up your own SLASCONE environment which you can use for 60 days

  • Set up your product, edition(s) and some licenses

  • Perform API Calls via Postman or using one of our GitHub examples, e.g., license activation and heartbeat

  • Create Customer and Reseller portal users and go through their workflow

After this session, you are going to have everything you need to kick-start your evaluation.


During your evaluation phase some questions will inevitably come up. You can then either create a ticket or schedule follow up session(s).

4. Production ready

We generally recommend a thorough evaluation phase, which subsequently shortens the time required to become production-ready. By then, you typically no longer require any explicit assistance, relying on the findings/know how of the previous phases and the online documentation.


Beyond the monthly fee of the SLASCONE software, there are obviously further components to be considered. In the interest of transparency, this section breaks down the key cost and effort aspects of any licensing project.

Initial Setup (negligible)

As already highlighted, the initial setup is pretty straightforward and performed during the initial licensing assessment workshop.

Integration with your application (low to moderate)

Using our GitHub examples among the documentation, significantly simplifies the integration of our API into your application. The rest depends on:

  • your engineering’s team experience with licensing mechanisms. On the one hand if you are replacing an in-house or 3rd party solution then you probably already have many things in place. On the other hand if you do not have any legacy licensing mechanism, you are typically more flexible.
  • the type of your application, including offline aspects.

Integration with backoffice systems (negligible to high)

Integration of a CRM or invoicing system, such as Salesforce or Dynamics, is a significant factor that tends to be overlooked in many early stages. Even if such an integration might not be absolutely necessary in the beginning, it must be addressed at some point. The scope of such an integration includes (some of) the following:

  • Synchronization of customer data (backoffice system -> SLASCONE)
  • Triggered creation or modification of licenses (backoffice system -> SLASCONE)
  • Transmission of usage data for billing purposes (SLASCONE -> backoffice system)

Migration of old licenses (low)

In most cases, this is fairly straightforward.


Our team consists of experienced professionals, who have worked with all kinds of licensing models. Understanding that every project poses its unique challenges, we help you achieve your business goals as fast as possible.







Licensing Models

Trial, Perpetual, Floating or Subscriptions. We help you understand how this translates to SLASCONE Licensing.

Integration Workflow

Best practices about how SLASCONE integrates in your backoffice systems.

Initial Setup

Everything that needs to be set up, before your developers start integrating your software.

Usage Analysis

Discover what kind of data you can/should gather that will help your management, engineering and support team improve operational and strategic decision making.


Support for your engineers in everything related to the SLASCONE API.

Compliance Management

Discover how you can enforce license compliance, proactively or reactively, without jeopardizing your customer relationship.


Understand your options when migrating from a legacy licensing solution. Minimize the overhead for you and your end customers.

Customer Portal

Find out how you can integrate SLASCONE functionality in your existing customer portal.