Our team is pleased to announce the general availability of SLASCONE 6.1, highlighting the following features:

  • Customer Portal Branding
    • In order to reflect your brand’s CI, you can now control several elements, such as main colors, titles, links and the favicon of the customer portal.
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  • Custom Rules for Features
    • Custom rules enable you to define a custom expiration date for a specific feature, which allows you to:
      • temporarily (e.g., for a month) turn on a feature, without creating a new license.
      • set a different expiration date per feature.
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  • Named User Sessions
    • SLASCONE’s session management is now integrated in such scenarios in order to address issues arising from multiple user sessions, stemming from the same or different clients.
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  • Advanced User Provisioning
    • All properties of a named user license (such as expiration date, features, variables) are shared by all users, except for one: limitations with the new User Provisioning reset mode. This new mode, allows customized provisioning of users, within the same named user license.
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  • NuGet Package for .NET Integrations
    • Our NuGet package can now identify and react to cloud or virtualized environments, and specifically handles Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS scenarios. In this way, you don’t have to care where your .NET Core code runs.
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