SLASCONE offers expanded licensing and monetization options for mobile applications across and beyond all app stores, including App Store, Google Play, and others.

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You can find more information about the general licensing features of SLASCONE (applying to desktop/mobile/SaaS/Iot) here. This section focuses on the specific requirements of mobile applications.

In the context of typical licensing/entitlement scenarios, let us define a mobile application in the following way:

  • The app is developed for iOS and/or Android and/or a similar, mostly mobile operating system.
  • The app is typically available through one or multiple commercial app stores, such as Apple’s App Store, or Google’s Google Play.
  • The app is monetized either indirectly through the app store or through options offered by the vendor directly.
  • The app is NOT just a client of a SaaS application (such a scenario is explained here).
  • The app is B2C or B2B.


In case of very simple licensing requirements (e.g., simple activation, no editions, no features, no limitations), using the respective app store and its monetization options is typically the best option, especially in B2C scenarios.

However, it is not unusual to have more complex requirements, especially in B2B scenarios:

  • Direct Monetization: App stores typically take a percentage of the app’s revenue as a commission. By licensing directly, you can avoid paying these fees and have more control over your pricing structure. You can experiment with different pricing models or offer custom licensing options tailored to your customers’ needs.
  • Multi-Store: If the mobile app must be distributed on multiple app stores, it may be simpler to implement licensing at a single (external) point and refrain from reinventing the wheel for every additional store.
    Easy Upgrades/Downgrades: As with any application type, the ability to automate entitlement change is paramount.


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The entitlements are generated through the API as part of the tenant’s registration process.

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Typically, activation takes place when a license code is entered into a predefined field.

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Change Management

Entitlement changes are made in SLASCONE, without any interaction with the underlying app store.

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Heartbeats upon app start ensure that entitlements are always up to date.


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