Our team is pleased to announce the general availability of SLASCONE 5.0, highlighting the following features:

  • Audit log
    • SLASCONE is a modern licensing system, in which you do not have to generate a new license file or code upon license changes. However, in this context it becomes essential to maintain an audit log, in order to be able to track not only license but product and edition changes as well.
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  • HTML email templates, including multilanguage support
    • The only one email template limitation belongs to the past. You can now define multiple and multilanguage email templates per product. The email templates are html based, allowing you to create more versatile content.
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  • Alerts
    • You can now define (email) alerts in order to automate typical licensing workflow steps such as proactive communication about expiring or expired licenses.
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  • Floating users across devices
    • The issue of shared accounts/logins is now handled in a more flexible way, allowing you to decide if concurrent access with the same login across devices/sessions is allowed. If you do allow this, you can even set the maximum number of allowed concurrent sessions.
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