Only 2 months after the release of SLASCONE 4.0, we are pleased to announce the general availability of SLASCONE 4.1. We felt that the following features should be available as fast as possible.


  • SSO – Azure Active Directory
    • SLASCONE uses Azure AD B2C as its main identity provider. However, you can now integrate your company’s existing Azure AD in order to provide a single sign on experience for your internal staff, thus eliminating the necessity for an additional login/password.
    • Find out more information about the process here.
  • Digital Signature
    • In the context of licensing, it is obviously paramount for any client/device communicating with the SLASCONE API, to validate the data integrity of the message, i.e., that the message was not altered in transit. SLASCONE now uses the HMACSHA256 algorithm in order to simultaneously verify both the data integrity and the authenticity of every API response. 
    • Find out more information about the process here.
  • Performance Optimization
    • Changes in the UI and the analytical engine result in a significantly faster overall experience.

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