Our development team did it again! We proudly announce the general availability of SLASCONE 3.1, with the following highlights:

  • Warnings Logbook – Failed Activations
    • The API provides an extensive error handling framework. An activation or a heartbeat might fail for several reasons, such as expired license, no available tokens etc. These events can be helpful not only during the development process but also during runtime in order to identify suspicious activity.
  • Group Compliance
    • In many licensing scenarios, the installations controlled by one licensed are required to have some common attributes, such as domain name, ip range etc. When generating a heartbeat, you can now optionally log a groupid and its compliance rules. All noncompliant licenses can be easily identified in the main license view.
  • Heartbeat Types
    • Heartbeats can be generated on many occasions: during a program start, a program exit, scheduled or just manually. In order to be able to distinguish between such events, you can now define custom heartbeat types and thus facilitate your analysis.
  • User Invitation
    • The on-boarding of new users became much easier. A global administrator inviting, can choose the application role of the new user. The new user receives an email with the registration link.
  • Webhooks
    • SLASCONE offers now webhooks for all major events. In this way you can guarantee that every time a license or a customer is created/edited, an email is sent, or an entry is created in a Microsoft Teams channel or Slack.
  • Microsoft Flow Connector
    • A new Microsoft Flow connector ensures that you can easily sync your ERP/CRM system with SLASCONE. When creating or editing a customer in your master customer database, the changes are automatically propagated to SLASCONE.

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