Our Customers: VirtaMed

The Swiss experts in medical simulation VirtaMed achieves licensing flexibilty with a modern cloud-based licensing solution.

VirtaMed is a Zurich, Switzerland-based company that develops virtual reality simulators for post-graduate medical education. Since 2007, the company has been enabling surgeons to attain proficiency in medical education through the integration of intelligent simulation. The company’s mission is to improve medical education providing its customers with both, software and hardware to achieve that. VirtaMed collaborates with hospitals, medical societies, and medical device companies to integrate its simulation and advanced data analytics into medical education.




Customer since

March 2022

Main Task

Migration from a dongle based licensing solution


Online and Offline activations

Previously limited by a dongle-based solution

VirtaMed's main product is its medical simulators. In such hardware centric scenarios, licensing focuses on machine-based authorization rather than user-based.

Previously, licensing and activation was based on USB dongles. Although such dongles did perform their main task, they were inherently inflexible, since every license change, inevitably required a new dongle being configured and shipped to the end customer.

VirtaMed required a more adaptable, online-based licensing and entitlements framework. Developing and hosting an in-house licensing solution was quickly ruled out, and SLASCONE stepped in.

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Working with USB dongles was no longer an option for us or our customers. SLASCONE quickly won us over with their people and technology.

Carolyn Mattes-O'Brien, Head of DevOps and IT at VirtaMed

Now fully flexible through a modern, api-based solution

With SLASCONE, the initial activation of the hardware is done internally, before being shipped to the customer. Once on the customer's premises, the medical simulators do not have to be continuously online all for license compliance. Any licensing modification, such as an upgrade or downgrade, is executed immediately the next time the device connects to the internet through a simple request to the SLASCONE API. There are no longer any dongles.

The current setup consists of standardized basic and advanced license editions depending on the use case of their clients. However, more customized editions are now technically possible, and thus coming soon for VirtaMed's customers. The idea of experimenting with a user-based, rather than a device based license model is already being considered.

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Flexibility is the key. We want to be able to offer and control new features and editions as seamlessly as possible. We do not know what we might need to offer in the future. But we know that with SLASCONE, any transition will be easy.

Urszula Lis, Senior DevOps Engineer at Virtamed

Behind the curtains

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More Control with a Private Azure Deployment

VirtaMed does not use the SLASCONE SaaS solution, but a Private Azure deployment, hosted in Switzerland instead. This option was a big plus for VirtaMed's IT department, due to existing Azure infrastructure and in-house expertise.

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Integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central

VirtaMed uses Microsoft's Business Central for managing their internal processes. Thanks to an Azure Logic App, initial connectivity between Business Central and SLASCONE was established in a matter of minutes. More importantly, VirtaMed's engineers are able to easily enhance this integration at any moment, by leveraging SLASCONE's modern and well documented API, without requiring assistance from the SLASCONE team.

The SLASCONE team is open to questions, suggestions and it is a pleasure to work with such professionals. Our team feels that their focus is on client’s success and constant improvement of their technology.

Urszula Lis, Senior DevOps Engineer at Virtamed


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