Our Customers: SOFTTECH

Not only software, but also construction planning specialist SOFTTECH is a leading German company combining graphics with alphanumerics to deliver great workflows of construction projects.


SOFTTECH, founded in 1985, develops multiple software solutions. The main product SPIRIT is a cost-effective CAD software for efficient construction projects – from 2D planning and 3D design to BIM modelling. AVANTI is AVA software for a secure and transparent workflows in BIM projects.




Customer since

May 2022

Main Task

Migration from an offline dongle-based to an online licensing solution (floating).



Previously relying on dongles

Having been around for almost 40 years, SOFTTECH had been using a dongle-based licensing solution. Beyond the inherent limitation of such a solution for both SOFTTECH and their customers, the situation deteriorated significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, since the whole delivery process, from dongle production to customer delivery, took substantially longer. This circumstance accelerated the transition to an online solution. After evaluating several vendors, they decided to start a PoC with the SLASCONE.

SOFTTECH has multiple software products (written in Delphi), however they are very similar in terms of licensing. Each of them implement a classical floating model.

Andreas Haffa

Integrating the SLASCONE API has been fairly straightforward. Additionally, the SLASCONE team provided valuable advice on rethinking and optimizing our internal workflows, such as our demo and trial offerings.

Andreas Haffa, Head of Development bei SOFTTECH GmbH

Streamlining the entire Licensing Process

With SLASCONE, SOFTTECH managed to dramatically simplify the whole process. They followed a step by step approach starting with the integration of their product AVANTI. Despite the lack of an explicit Delphi library, the public code examples and the simplicity of the API itself, made the integration very straightforward.

Once AVANTIwas integrated, further products followed. As promised, there was no hidden implementation cost.

The new licensing mechanism does not only simplify the primary use case of enterprise customers. The process of creating and renewing educational licenses was affected as well.

As so many organizations using SLASCONE, after concluding the main task of licensing integration, SOFTTECH has started harnessing the integrated analytics, such as analyzing the installed software versions or tracking the actual usage of demo and trial installations. Further steps are in the pipeline to unleash the full potential of real-time analytics.

Thanks to SLASCONE, our licensing management has become much more efficient. Their intuitive platform and exceptional support have not only streamlined our processes but also allowed us to focus more on our innovative software.

Christoph Heimlich, CEO at SOFTTECH GmbH

Christoph Heimlich

Today, SOFTTECH exemplifies the transformative potential of modern licensing solutions, effortlessly providing their state-of-the-art software across various platforms and utilizing data-driven insights to improve user experiences and foster innovation.

Behind the curtains

green tick

Seamless migration from the legacy licensing system

SOFTTECH were able to export existing licenses from their licensing database and easily import them (csv file) into SLASCONE. In their subsequent update program, they implemented a straightforward logic to migrate the legacy to a SLASCONE license, without any manual intervention from their customers.

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No License Servers, no IT overhead, just SaaS

SOFTTECH started with a trial/evaluation enviroment in SLASCONE's SaaS, which was then turned into the production one. There were no migrations, no overhead at any stage of the lifecycle.

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Reseller Portal for OEM partners

Having concluded the main task of connecting all products to SLASCONE, SOFTTECH is now in the process of further automating their internal workflows, by setting up the reseller portal for their OEM distributors.


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