Our Customers: CAXperts

German specialists in the process, power, and maritime industries CAXperts migrated to our modern licensing solution, to achieve flexible licensing across several platforms.

CAXperts, founded in 2002, designs software enhancing collaboration and optimising the entire plant lifecycle. The main product UniversalPlantViewer is an industry proven „Digital Twin“ software for Owner/Operators as well as EPCs, providing a complete digital model with 3D model, P&ID, LaserScan, drawings documents, data – all linked together and simple accessible for every stakeholder, everywhere on all devices.




Customer since

November 2021

Main Task

A multi-platform (Windows, iOS, Android, Browser) floating licensing model.


Online and Offline activations

Previously limited to a single platform

CAXperts had relied on a commercial third-party licensing solution for years. However, as they expanded their product line to include cross-platform offerings using the Unity engine, the limitations of their existing single-platform (Windows) licensing solution became apparent. They needed a licensing model that would adapt to various platforms (Windows, iOS, Android, and browsers) and support both online and offline activations. Facing a complex landscape of legacy components, CAXperts contemplated developing an in-house solution but decided to explore the market for a more effective and efficient option. Following an extensive evaluation period, SLASCONE was selected.

We chose SLASCONE not just because of their technology, but also because of how quickly and effectively their team responded to our needs.

Wolf Volkmann, Product Manger & Senior Consultant at CAXperts

Embracing Modern Licensing and Data Analytics

With SLASCONE, CAXperts achieved the much-needed flexibility to support multi-platform licensing. The cross-platform nature of SLASCONE meant that the platform used for software sessions initiation (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android) was no longer a limiting factor. Implementing their floating licensing model became straightforward, enabling seamless transitions between platforms and devices. CAXperts could also provision offline or dark environments with ease.

With SLASCONE's powerful analytical engine, CAXperts gained unprecedented insights into user behavior and software usage patterns. Detailed session analytics empowered them to make informed decisions about future licensing models, optimizing their offerings to align with customer preferences.

CAXperts' adoption of SLASCONE not only solved their immediate licensing challenges but also opened doors to comprehensive software usage analysis. The ability to understand customer behavior, especially during evaluation phases, accordingly brought them closer to their (prospective) clients' evolving needs.

We've not only achieved cross-platform licensing but also gained invaluable visibility into our user base.

Peter Schlegel, Managing Director at CAXperts

Today, CAXperts stands as a testament to the transformative power of modern licensing solutions, seamlessly delivering their cutting-edge software across diverse platforms, while leveraging data-driven insights to enhance user experiences and drive innovation.

Behind the curtains

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No License Servers, no IT overhead, just SaaS

CAXperts  started with a trial/evaluation enviroment in SLASCONE's SaaS, which was then turned into the production one. There were no migrations, no overhead at any stage of the lifecycle.

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Custom Data Visualization with Microsoft's Power BI

Thanx to SLASCONE's self-explanatory and well documented database model, CAXperts were able to connect to the SLASCONE database and build custom dashboards in Microsoft Power BI, without any assistance and in a true self-service manner.


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