Our development team did it again: we are pleased to announce the general availability of SLASCONE 4.3, highlighting the following features:

  • csv Import
    • You can now directly upload a csv file containing customers or licenses in the SLASCONE UI. The included csv template files accelerate the first load. Until now, this function had been available only through the API.
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  • Temporary (Guest) Licenses
    • SLASCONE standard licenses have two expiration modes: Fixed expiration date or Days after activation ensuring compliance for the majority of licensing scenarios in production.  However, for purposes of development, testing etc a temporary license needs to replace or extend an existing (production) license, especially in floating scenarios. SLASCONE provides a very elegant way to create, activate and automatically deactivate temporary licenses.
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  • User View Settings
    • SLASCONE’s main views, such as the customer view or the license view, can be customized (e.g., column selection or sort settings) per user. Until now, these settings were global, applying to all users.
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  • Timezones
    • Until now, all timestamps and time analysis (from – to date analysis) was based on local (browser time). This led to potentially deviating results across different timezones. Now, organizations have the options to
      • enforce a common timezone for all their users
      • or let each user decide its timezone
  • Performance
    • Our backend is now running on .NET 5, a modern, cross-platform software framework.

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