We proudly announce the general availability of SLASCONE 3.0, with the following highlights:

  • Master Templates
    • A real game-changer feature, that influences the entire license lifecycle. Master templates provide enormous flexibility in terms of license creation. This is based on the notion of adjustable properties, which controls if a feature value can be overridden during license creation.
    • Read more about master templates.
  • Customer Dashboard
    • Analytics is an integral part of SLASCONE. Until now, the product dashboard has provided an aggregated high-level overview for product managers. The new customer dashboard provides a quick and user-friendly overview about a specific customer.
  • Delete and Map Objects
    • When deleting an object such as a master template, software release limitation or customer type, you can now map all affected licenses to a new object. This facilitates bulk operations.
  • Search Performance
    • The search engine has been rewritten in order to address performance issues in installations hosting bigger amounts of licenses and devices.

Register to our Argus Demo Vendor now in order to experience SLASCONE 3.0 live.