Our team is pleased to announce the general availability of SLASCONE 5.2, highlighting the following features:

  • Asymmetric Encryption – Digital Signatures

    • Until now, encryption in SLASCONE has been symmetric. With SLASCONE 5.2 you can now choose between symmetric and asymmetric (private/public key based) encryption.
    • SLASCONE generates by default a certificate for you. However, you can upload your own certificate.
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  • Check out option for floating sessions

    • SLASCONE enables a session checkout in order to facilitate (partially) offline scenarios, e.g., when a device is on a construction site for some days, with no connectivity.
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  • UI

    • We constantly try to improve the UI/UX experience. In this context, SLASCONE 5.2 comes with a slight UI facelift. More UX changes are coming with the next major release 6.0.
  • Performance/Infrastructural Changes
    • Linux/.NET6: SLASCONE runs now in Linux-based Azure app-services (previously Windows-based). This significantly reduces the incurred cost for customers hosting SLASCONE in their own Azure subscription.
    • Web application framework: the SLASCONE UI is now based on Angular 13.

Register to our Argus Demo Vendor now in order to experience SLASCONE 5.2 live or schedule an online demo.