How can I migrate from a custom/legacy licensing solution?

SLASCONE offers a variety of functions in order to make a migration from an existing system as less painful as possible. Let’s assume you are a software vendor with 1000 customers and licenses. Starting with your next product update (Version 7.0), licensing should run through SLASCONE.

Naturally, you cannot afford to manually enter your customer/license data to SLASCONE. In addition to that, you don’t want to send new license codes to your customers upgrading to Version 7.0. So what can you do?

  1. The SLASCONE API allows you to easily bulk import (and sync) customer and license data.
  2. When creating (or importing) a license, SLASCONE allows you to specify its legacy (old) key, thus creating a license mapping, e.g.,
    • SLASCONE key: 1c7bd779-bf7e-461d-8412-f2ba287d3bc6
    • Legacy key: 24204-43534-23453-57856
  3. When Version 7.0 runs for the first time:
    • if it is an upgrade from an earlier version, the product gets activated using the Legacy key
    • if it is a new installation, the product gets activated through the SLASCONE Key
  4. All subsequent calls are based on the SLASCONE key

In this way, SLASCONE facilitates a seamless migration.