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Error Codes and Messages

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SLASCONE’s API (mailny) produces the following HTTP response codes:

  • 200: Success
  • 401: Unauthorized
  • 409: Conflict


Regardless of your business case, you have to catch 409 responses/conflicts. Their handling is crucial for the implementation of your business logic.

1000 The input is not a valid license key.
1001 The license is expired.
1002 The license is not activated.
1003 Non compliant software version.
1004 Unknown software release limitation. If you want to reset the softwareReleaseLimitation, then use softwareReleaseLimitation= ‘none’ or softwareReleaseLimitation= ”.
2000 This master license has no available device licenses. You can either add device(s) to this license or unassign some existing device(s).
2001 The license Key is already assigned.
2002 The DeviceLicenseKey is not assigned.
2003 Unknown DeviceLicenseKey.
2004 Could not deactivate this license, because it is not activated.
2005 The device is already activated/assigned to this customer.
2006 Unknown Device.
2007 Unknown legacy license key
2008 Can not decrease the number of devices.
3000 Unknown product.
4000 Unknown customer.
4001 No available licenses for this customer. Create a new license or add devices to an existing license.
5000 The device is assigned to a different DeviceLicenseKey. Use the right or no DeviceLicenseKey.
6000 Unknown analytical field.
6001 A numerical analytical field can not accept an alphanumerical value.
7000 UI already deployed.
8000 This template can not be deleted. A product needs to have at least one template.
8001 Unknown template name.
9000 Unknown country.
9001 Unknown customer type.
9002 Company name can not be empty.