Core API

Core API


Most API methods require all or some of the following parameters:

  • isvId: This can be found in the Info area of SLASCONE.
  • productId: This can be found in the Products area of SLASCONE. Select your product and click on the Copy Key icon.
  • deviceLicenseKey: This is the license key generated from SLASCONE when creating a license.
  • uniqueDeviceId: Each to be licensed device, needs to generate a unique device id.


These are the fundamental functions you need to integrate in your software. You need to provide an area in your software in which the end user can

  1. enter the provided license code (ACTIVATION)
  2. update/sync his license (HEARTBEAT)

Make sure that your environment has at least 1 license, in order to able to test these functions.


POST /api/Provisioning/{isvId}/devicelicense/activate

The licensing lifecycle begins with the activation of a device. In most cases, you need to provide an area in your software, in which the end user can enter the provided license code. Upon entering the license code, your software should call this method.

SLASCONE provides 2 types of license keys:

  • Master license key: when you create 1 license with n devices, SLASCONE generates 1 master license key and n device license keys. The master license key can be used n times for activation.
  • Device license key: a device license key can be used only once for activation.
  • The license is not active (inactive or expired).
  • The device license key is already activated with a different
    uniqueDeviceId (to prevent license piracy).
  • The license has not any available devices left (all devices are already assigned).


In case you activate an already activated device with a new license, the old license becomes automatically available again.


POST /api/Provisioning/isv/{isvid}/productId/{productId}/softwareversion/{softwareversion}/os/{operatingsystem}/deviceId/{uniquedeviceId}

After activating a device, you need to make sure that your software periodically communicates with SLASCONE in order to sync the license data. The response body of the heartbeat method is very similar to the one of the license activation.

Beyond licensing purposes, when calling the heartbeat method your software needs to send its software version and operating system. This data is used in the Analytics area of SLASCONE.


The license activation or heartbeat might fail for a number of reasons. SLASCONE provides a comprehensive error handling framework.


In order to capture additional analytical data, you need to define analytical fields. Analytical fields can be numerical or alphanumerical. Then, you can use the following method in order to generate analytical heartbeats:

POST /api/ProductAnalytics/isv/{isvId}/devices/{uniqueDeviceId}/analyticalFields/{analyticalFieldId}/analyticalHeartbeat