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API Fundamentals

Last Updated On August 04, 2019
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The SLASCONE API is HTTPS only, built using REST principles, following all state of the art best practices for API security.

All SLASCONE functions are invokable through the API, allowing the seamless intagration with other backoffice systems such as CRM/ERP etc.

You can easily test the API using our official API Test Center.


In order to authenticate (regardless if you are testing the API using our test center or from your source code), you need to use your provisioningkey apiKey.

Provisioning Key
Provisioning Key

The apiKey can be found in the Info area of SLASCONE.


You can easily generate clients in your programming language using the online swagger editor. Select file, import URL and type in:

Next select Generate client and choose the language of your choice. The end result is a zip file you can download with the generated client code.