Our team is pleased to announce the general availability of SLASCONE 5.1, highlighting the following features:

  • Reseller Portal
    • You may as a vendor also have indirect sales channels in addition to direct sales. In such instances, you must empower resellers to manage end customers and  their licenses independently.
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  • License Files – Offline Scenarios
    • SLASCONE’s full functionality can only be unleashed when clients have at least sporadic internet connectivity. However, many software vendors face the challenge that although the overwhelming majority of their customers/installations are online, there is a small minority of completely offline installations. For such cases, SLASCONE5.1  allows you to create a digitally signed xml license file.
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  • Floating Sessions

    • It is not unusual to have different sessions originating from the same client/device. This can be the result of a user opening multiple independent application sessions on the same device, or different users opening sessions within a server environment. Such scenarios can be handled more easily with SLASCONE 5.1.
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